Top 10 Best Stand Up Fishing Kayak of 2020 & Buying Guide

best stand up fishing kayak
best stand up fishing kayak

Stand up fishing kayaks are the best vessel for angling, to be honest. They are incredibly customizable, exceptionally stable and allow you to take them anywhere you want. Moreover, you can have the chance to reel and cast better than ever.

Therefore, I will not be surprised if you want to get a stand up fishing kayak for yourself. And, due to be booming fame of kayak fishing, stand up kayaks are easily accessible. But all the kayaks you see in the market are not the efficient enough.

So how do you get the best stand up fishing kayak?

As a long-time kayaker/angler, I have had experience with many fishing and recreational kayak. For that reason, I can help you to get the best stand up kayak for fishing.

Why use a best stand up fishing kayak?

I have been an angler since forever, and over the years, I did try fishing in motorboats, floating tubes and many other vessels. But among all of them, I like stand up kayaks the most.

Firstly, stand up fishing kayaks are specially made for fishing, as the name suggests. You get a better view of the water, a spacious deck, and tons of storage space. So, it is easier for you to have a more fabulous fishing experience.

Secondly, stand up kayaks fishing kayaks are light-weight yet sturdy, compact and portable. So, you can use them; however, you want and take them to any fishing spot no matter how remote they are.

Thirdly, stand up fishing kayaks are highly customizable. Some of them will allow you to install several rod holders, fishfinders, or whatever accessories you want in your kayak. Want a rod holder for fly fishing rods? Just go on and customize your kayak with that! It’s not a rocket science going there.

Lastly, fishing kayaks are usually constructed with a wider body than any other water vessel, which allows you to stand up without the tension of falling. Moreover, they are pretty stealthy, so you do not have to worry about spook the fishes with any mechanized noise.

Now, as you can see, stand up fishing kayaks with a lot of additional benefits. And in case you want to get one for yourself, this article is going to work as a perfect guideline for you.

Here is a list of some of the best stand up fishing kayaks 2020 to help you pick the right one.

Top 10 most eligible stand up kayak for fishing:

BKC UH-TK181 Tandem fishing kayak

A. BKC UH-TK181 Tandem fishing kayak


This tandem kayak is a sit-on-top one and comes with excellent maneuverability. It is comparatively big than any other fishing kayak and comes with huge storage space and loading capacity.

This fishing kayak is 34 inches wide and around twelve feet long. With this proportion, you get one of the steadiest kayaks in the market. Though it weighs over 65 lbs, it is quite an average weight for a tandem kayak.

This vessel by Brooklyn Kayak Company is constructed with high-quality polyethylene. This material is light-weight yet robust enough to give you a hassle-free fishing experience. It has a smartly designed angular hull that can glide through any water with ease.

The tracking system of this kayak is outstanding and can be controlled by any user without any trouble. Moreover, it has comfortable and adjustable seats, but the seats are not as improved as its after-models. But that’s not the problem because you can replace them with any other preferable seats of yours.

This fishing kayak comes with multiple storage options that are necessary for a fishing kayak. You get two elastic storage areas, one on the stern and the other one in the front. You also get two watertight storage areas for your gears and other things.

BKC UH-TK181 comes with seven different rod holders, one of the most amazing things about this kayak. There also paddle rests that allow you to do some serious hands-free fishing action.



Lifetime 10 foot, two person fishing kayak

B. Lifetime 10 foot, two person fishing kayak


Lifetime is one of the best kayak manufacturer companies, and their fishing kayaks are very popular among anglers. This particular 10 foot tandem fishing kayak by Lifetime comes with an extremely stable hull that has impressed all of its users.

It is a smartly designed kayak that provides steadiness, maximum comfort and efficiency. It can hold up to three people and comes with an excellent loading capacity of 500 lbs, which is more than enough for carrying your companions and your gears on a trip.

The ergonomically designed tunnel allows you a more extraordinary tracking experience on the water. You can cast and reel while seating side-saddle or standing up on its deck. No matter what you do, you can do it without the fear of tripping into the water.

This fishing kayak is constructed with high-density polyethylene, which is also UV and damage-resistant. It will not peel or fade even if you use it regularly.

The multiple footrests positions allow sitting users of different heights without any problem. This kayak also has scupper drainage holes for a better kayak fishing experience.

To help you with your fishing, this kayak comes with four fishing rod holders, a rear storage hatch and a shock-cord storage area to secure your loose cargo. And if you are looking for a stand up fishing kayak with motor, you can choose this kayak. It comes with an accessory mount to install a motor on this kayak.

With its thirty-six inches wide body, it provides terrific stability for stand up fishing. So you will not be disappointed if you buy this kayak.



Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 foot Sit-on Kayak

C. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 foot Sit-on Kayak


If you are not into heavy-duty kayaks and likes to raid small water areas for fishing, this is one of the best fishing kayak options for you. This 10 foot kayak is thirty inches wide and has eleven inches depths, and you can also use this for recreational purposes.

This affordable kayak is suitable for kayakers of any age, and you don’t need much expertise to maneuver. Though this kayak has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, it comes with multiple storage spaces. It has a portable accessory carrier on the rear side. This carrier has a built-in storage hatch for storing smaller items.

You can also remove this carrier if you want. By removing it, you will get a bungee-corded storage area for securing your loose cargo. Moreover, it also has storage that has one the front. So, despite having less loading capacity, you get all the same facilities as a giant fishing kayak in this compact one.

I like kayak because it is designed with features to provide you the utmost comfort. It comes with thigh padding, which protects your legs from the sides of the kayak. The adjustable foot braces allow you to paddle all day long without cramps, and the padded back of the seat gives you generous back support.

This construction is constructed with an easy maneuvering system. The short, compact and wide design of this kayak allows you to move it in any kind of water with great ease. The arrow-shaped bow and stern allow the kayak to cut though water quickly and smoothly.

It isn’t a kayak for a week-long fishing trip, but it is efficient enough to give you some great quick-fishing trips to refresh your mind.



Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top kayak

D. Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top kayak


If you are running on a tight budget, you can choose this Lotus sit-on kayak by Lifetime. It may not offer extravagant features like a high-end kayak, but will still do a lot better than most other fishing kayaks.

This kayak is extremely compact and weighs only 38 lbs. So, you can drag it to any fishing spot without anyone’s help. It is only eight feet long, which gives it the advantage to glide through the water very quickly.

It comes with a sturdy bow and stern that provide excellent tracking water, but the shorter length makes it only suitable for small water areas. It also works efficiently on the ocean, but you got to stick to the shoreline in that case.

This kayak has multiple storage spaces to hold your gears and necessary things to take with you on your fishing trip. But the loading capacity is only 250 lbs, so pack your gears wisely.

The seat of these kayaks is comfortable with backrest. It also has adjustable and quick release straps for safety. Moreover, the sit-on-top position provides extra ease while casting and reeling.



Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-foot sit-on kayak

E. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-foot sit-on kayak


Sundholphin Bali SS 12-foot kayak is one of the steadiest kayaks that you can get for fishing. Compared to any other sit-on-top kayak, this kayak’s seat has a lower center of gravity that helps you to fish with immense stability.

This kayak is constructed with high-density polyethylene, which is robust and UV-resistant. It has a very easy entry and easy exit system, which comes in very handy in unfortunate events of capsizing. 

It comes with two watertight storage areas and a bungee-corded storage area in the kayak’s front and rear side. It also has two fishing rod holders that will allow you to do hands-free fishing on it.

This multipurpose kayak is 29.5 inches wide, which is relatively narrower for a fishing kayak. Though this narrow design makes it go faster, it is not steady enough for an angler new into kayak fishing. 

If you are looking for a kayak that you can take for camping and occasional fishing, you purchase it. But this kayak doesn’t have the room for holding gears and fishes for longer trips; just keep that on the mind.



Malibu stealth 12 fishing kayak

F. Malibu stealth 12 fishing kayak


Malibu Stealth 12 fishing kayak is one of the heavy-duty kayaks that offers a ton of fishing-friendly features. It is around twelve feet long and thirty-three inches wide, which makes it exceptionally stable for fishing.

This fishing kayak comes with four flush-mounted rod holders, and there is a bait tank in the center of the kayak. Two rod holders are in the front, and the other two are on the kayak’s rear side. This positioning of rod holders makes it easy for you to cover a large fishing area.

The bait tank on the center is for keeping live baits if you are carrying them. But if you don’t carry any live bait with you, you can use this tank as a dry storage compartment to keep your lures or tackles. This bait tank is one of the unique features that are offered by this kayak.

This kayak has several storage spaces and comes with a loading capacity of 450 lbs, which is more than enough for a fishing kayak. Moreover, you get plenty of customization options to make this kayak the most suitable one for yourself.

And if you are looking for best fly fishing kayak, you can choose this for a better experience.



FeelFree Lure 10 version 2 kayak

G. FeelFree Lure 10 version 2 kayak


FeelFree Lure 10 is one of the most efficient fishing kayaks due to its sleek design. It has a spacious empty space in front of the seat, allowing you to stand up fishing without any fear of falling into the water.

This kayak has a width of 36 inches, making it one of the steadiest kayaks in the market. The steadiness allows you to perform various fishing techniques, including fly fishing. It comes with a 375 lbs loading capacity, which is more than average for a fishing kayak.

The standing area of this kayak is cushion padded for extra safety while standing up on the kayak. The seat of this watercraft  is comfortable and you get extra advantages like a better view of the water and easy exit/entry system.

It has a comfortable seat with a backrest, and you can adjust the footrest according to your comfort. You can customize this kayak with your preferred accessories as it comes with extra mount spaces.

It comes with multiple storage spaces to store your goods and gears you carry on your fishing trips. You get enough dry storage spaces to keep your bait bucket and coolers.

This kayak comes with rod holders and paddle rests for a better fishing experience. It has a wheel in the keel for the ease of transportation. As this kayak weighs over 65 lbs, the wheel comes in real handy while transporting this kayak to your favorite fishing spot.



Hobie 2020 Mirage pro Angler 14 fishing kayak

H. Hobie 2020 Mirage pro Angler 14 fishing kayak


This kayak is a popular stand up fishing kayak among the anglers, and it is more eligible for people who are into some serious kayak angling. The Hobie pro mirage drive system allows you to do hands-free fishing and makes this kayak into one of the best pedal fishing kayak options for you.

The width of this kayak is thirty-eight inches, which is incredible, in my opinion. It is around thirteen feet long, making it remarkably steady to stand up and catch fishes on both calm and wavy waters. Plus, it comes with a skid-free stand up deck that provides extra security.

You get a large standing area in front of the seat, and the cockpit is designed so that every fishing feature you need is easily accessible. This kayak comes with two vertical rod holders and six horizontal rod holders to provide you the maximum ease for fishing.

It comes with two rectangular dry storage compartments, a retractable rudder, and the tackle boxes pop out of the cockpit hatch. The seats of this kayak are incredibly comfortable with lumbar support, and it also has removable skegs.

So, if you are looking for kayaks with pedals to give some rests to your hands while fishing, you can choose this kayak without any hesitation.



Perception Pescador Pro 12 sit-on-top kayak

I. Perception Pescador Pro 12 sit-on-top kayak


This thirty-two-inch wide kayak is a versatile one that can be used efficiently for recreational and fishing purposes. It is specifically designed for fishing and can handle up to 375 lbs of weight when you are on board.

This kayak is made for high-density polyethylene, which makes it light-weight yet robust. It has dry storage spaces as well as a bungee-corded area to secure your loose items. This bungee area is also protected by mesh cover to save id from water splashes.

The adjustable seats of this kayak allow you to sit comfortably as long as you want. It comes with several rod holders to help you have better fishing practice.



Wilderness System ATAK 120 sit-on-top fishing kayak

J. Wilderness System ATAK 120 sit-on-top fishing kayak


This particular kayak by Wilderness in well-known for being an advanced tactical angling kayak. It comes with phase 3 Air-pro max seats with multiple adjusting options for the utmost comfort of its users.

It comes with an excellent kayak standing platform to help the angler stand up with maximum balance while fishing. This open deck space is covered with non-skid traction pads to provide a safest standing position no matter what the situation is. 

You can customize this fishing kayak according to your preference, and it comes with multiple storage options to store your gears and cargo. It has scupper drainage holes and an advanced tracking system to make your fishing trips pleasant.

This kayak is designed to serve you for a long time and has every necessary fishing feature. It comes with grab handles to make it easier to transport. It is one of the most efficient and steadiest fishing kayaks you will find in the market.



The buyer’s guide to the best stand up fishing kayak:

To get your money’s best value, you need to remember some vital things while shopping for a stand up fishing kayak. Let me tell you what to look for in a kayak that makes it the best one for fishing.


Choose your kayak material according to your fishing routine. If you frequently fish in flat waters, choose the kayak material according to that. All the kayaks perform differently on various kayaks.

Make sure your kayak’s material is abrasion and UV-resistant. Otherwise, your kayak will not last long, no matter how carefully you use that.

Fishing features

If you are looking for a fishing kayak, your primary need is to find a kayak with plenty of fishing features. Look for the fishing features I am mentioning below to get the best stand up fishing kayak.

  • Several rod holders
  • Ease of customization
  • Multiple storage options
  • Spacious stand-up deck with skid-free covers
  • Scupper drainage holes
  • Paddle rests 

Loading Capacity

If you are into some serious angling, get a heavy-duty kayak with a bigger loading capacity. Usually, all fishing kayaks have excellent loading capacity to allow you to carry your gears and the fishes you catch.

But If you like shorter trips in small fishing spots, get a kayak with loading capacity for a better experience.


The kayak stability depends on the hull’s construction and the width of the kayak. If you choose a kayak with a width between 32-36 inches, you will get an excellent stand up fishing kayak.


Kayaks are compact watercraft comparing to others. But there are still some heavy-weight kayaks. If your favorite fishing spot isn’t near you, portability will matter a lot in that case.

I have mentioned some light-weight yet robustly constructed kayak in this article. You can choose one of those kayaks if you want. And make sure your stand up kayak has grab handles for the ease of transportation.


Some frequently asked questions about stand up fishing kayaks:

Yes, an anchor will help you to stay on your particularly selected fishing spot. So buying an anchor will be a wise decision.

Stand up kayaks are the perfect vessel for practicing fly fishing. You will get a spacious deck area to stand and perform your fly fishing technique with finesse.

Both of these propulsion systems come with their own perks. But with a pedal drive system, you get easy maneuverability and better chances for hands-free fishing. 

On the other hand, paddles are easy to manage for anyone, and you can also do hands-free fishing if your kayak has paddle rests. So at the end of the day, the best propulsion system is the one that gives you the utmost comfort.

In conclusion:

Fishing kayaks are widely available in the market, but getting the best stand up fishing kayak needs a great sense of observation. And if you are a novice angler, things will get pretty complicated for you while kayak shopping. But you don’t have to break a sweat now as I have given you all the details to the most efficient stand up fishing kayak. From the kayaks I have suggested, you can get the perfect one for yourself. So stop wasting your time and get a stand up a fishing kayak to feel the maximum thrill of angling life.