Top 7 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak for 2020 | Experts Review

best ocean fishing kayak
best ocean fishing kayak

The idea of kayak fishing is already exhilarating. But when it’s about ocean fishing instead of flat waters, things get a little bit trickier.

I love fishing in the ocean because it opens up a whole new world to a large variety of fishes, and nothing feels better than paddling your kayak to the sunset in the ocean.

But not all fishing kayaks can handle the saltwater, rough waves, and higher ocean tides. So you need the best ocean fishing kayak to have the most intriguing saltwater fishing experience.

Therefore, I am giving you a list of the most efficient ocean fishing kayaks and a guide on how to recognize them. Let’s get into that part now.

Top 7 Best Ocean Fishing Kayak

Perception Pescador Pro 12 fishing kayak

A. Perception Pescador Pro 12 fishing kayak


This sit-on-top kayak is specifically designed for fishing with rod holders, storage space for fishing gears and options to mount accessories. The hull design of this kayak makes it suitable for ocean fishing in calm weather.

The length of this kayak is around twelve feet, and it has got 32. 5 inches wide, and that’s quite the right proportion for the best ocean fishing kayak. It is a compact vessel, but it weighs 64 lbs, which is not excessive for a fishing kayak.

This fishing kayak has a robust one-piece polyethylene construction and comes with built-in buoyancy for better performance. It also has two fishing rod holders, and paddle rests on securing your paddles when you are giving attention to your fishing techniques.

Like an ideal fishing kayak, it comes with plenty of storage options to keep your gears and cargo organized. It has a small dry storage hatch in front of the seat, and you get a spacious bungee-corded storage space for larger cargos. There is also a mesh-covered storage area at the bow to secure your gears. 

Moreover, this kayak comes with a loading capacity of 375 lbs. So it is perfectly fitted for your ocean fishing trips. And on the center console are you can attach your electronics such as fishfinder and GPS. 

The lawn style seat of the kayak is mesh-covered and very comfortable to sit in all day. You can also adjust your sit to your preference. It also comes with an adjustable footrest so you can paddle with utmost stability and ease.

The open cockpit design of this kayak allows you better reeling and casting while you are fishing. You also get a broader view of your fishing area. But it also allows the salty ocean water to soak you, and no spray skirt will provide adequate protection.

So, considering all the most remarkable features it offers, I would say that it is the best fishing kayak under $1000.



Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler kayak

B. Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler kayak


This 13 feet long kayak is designed for a trouble-free ocean fishing experience. It comes with an excellent weight capacity of 550 lbs so you can take all the gears for fishing in the large open water.

As I revealed before, this kayak was built with fishing-friendly features such as rod holders and gear track. Plus, it is around 33 inches with that allows you to fish with tremendous stability. With its length and width, this kayak is great for gliding through the large open ocean water, but it would not be buttery enough for small rivers and lakes.

Besides having plenty of fishing-friendly features, this kayak is also an excellent vessel for beginners to start their kayak ventures. Moreover, this kayak is built for riding both salt and flat waters. So you will get an efficient fishing kayak as well as a recreational one.

It comes with a pre-installed rudder for better maneuverability. The rudder can be controlled by foot so that you will have better control over the kayak. Though its length will not allow you to take a quick drive around the obstacles, it will not be a problem for ocean fishing as the water would be too deep.

The seats of the kayak can be adjusted in multiple positions for the ease of paddling. And even after that, if you have any complaints with the seat, you can just replace them with your preferred one.

When it is about storage spaces, this kayak can impress any angler. It comes with a large cargo space on the back of the seat, a large storage hatch on the bow. But this kayak weighs over 75 lbs, so it is quite hard to transport it.

Moreover, this kayak has a massive loading capacity of 550 lbs. So can take as many gears and goods that you may need for a more extended fishing trip. I have seen my fellow anglers to go on trips for weeks in this fishing kayak.

In theory, this kayak may seem too right to be accurate, but it actually is one of the best ocean fishing kayak options available for you.



BKC UH-TK181 Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak

C. BKC UH-TK181 Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak


If you want to share the remarkable ocean kayaking and fishing experience with a companion, you can use this tandem kayak to fulfill this purpose. It weighs around 68 lbs and can carry up to 450 pounds at the same time.

This kayak by Brooklyn Kayak Company is 12.5 feet long, and you get a large open storage space with bungee cords and two sealed storage hatches in front of each seat. Additionally, it comes with multiple grab handles for transportation ease, and paddle rests if you won’t give a little rest to your hands.

This kayak comes with three adjustable rod holders that you can fit in front of the seats. You can remove them to install other gadgets if you want. Moreover, you get four additional flush-mount rod holders on the desk for the maximum ease of fishing.

But this fishing kayak is only 30 inches wide, which isn’t really an excellent width for stand-up ocean fishing. On the other hand, the length is perfect for cutting through the ocean water like butter.

You can also install a trolling motor on this fishing kayak. This option is great for ocean fishing, as you have to cover a more extensive open water area. Plus, this heavy-weight tandem kayak will be a little harder to paddle after a while. So the trolling motor option can be a sigh of relief after the end of a long fishing trip.

This kayak may not be the kayak for fishing in the awry weather condition, but it will give you an excellent service in a windy ocean environment. It comes with comfortable seats, enough legroom for big and tall kayakers, and robust construction to give you a trouble-free fishing experience.



Ocean Kayak prowler 13 Angler 

D. Ocean Kayak prowler 13 Angler 


This kayak is only 28 inches wide, so it is comparatively narrower than most other fishing kayaks. But it also makes it the fastest fishing kayak to cut through the rough tides of the ocean water.

The width of a kayak takes a vital part in the kayak’s stability. Despite being narrow, this kayak’s secondary stability is excellent, so that you can do stand-up fishing in the ocean. This secondary stability, combined with the hull design, makes it an efficient ocean fishing kayak.

This kayak has a large water-tight storage space at the bow. In the front of the seat, you get a small storage hatch to keep your phones, keys or other small gadgets. And on the rear side of the seat, you will get a tank well bungee-corded area to keep your more oversized cargos.

When it is about the storage capacity, the Ocean Kayak prowler 13 angler wins the race.

It comes with two flush-mount rod holders to help you perform some hands-free fishing. And the bungee rigging around the deck helps you to attach more accessories if you want.

The seats of this kayak are covered with comfortable nylon fabric, which is UV resistant. Moreover, the seats can be adjusted in four positions for the utmost comfort of the angler. The molded-in footrest allows you to have immense stability while reeling and casting.

This kayak weighs over 55 lbs, so it’s normal for you to think that it would be hard to transport this kayak to beaches. But it comes with a skid plate under the keel, which will help you to drag this kayak without damaging the hull. It also has grab handles so you can carry it quickly to the ocean.

It comes with a loading capacity of 450 lbs, which makes it one of the most intriguing kayaks for ocean fishing.



Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 kayak

E. Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 kayak


If you don’t want to be on a sit-on-top kayak and expose yourself to weather, you can get this kayak as it has got enclosed cockpit. This sit-in design will protect you from saltwater splashes and UV rays, and it is relatively light-weight.

This kayak comes with a breathable mesh covered seat. It will keep you cool even in the hottest summer days. It is a versatile 12 feet long kayak with a narrow design for better agility in the. Moreover, it has a spacious cockpit so any angler can sit comfortably inside it.

It comes with an advanced tracking system that makes it great for you to ride rivers, lakes, even calm oceans and slow rapid whitewater. Though sit-in kayaks don’t have a reputation for holding enough cargos for fishing, this kayak is quite exceptional.

It comes with a little Orbix stern storage hatch for smaller things and a relatively large deck storage space on both bow and stern to secure your cargos with bungee cords. You also get some storage space in front of the cockpit.

So you will get plenty of storage options to keep your gears and other valuables. Moreover, you get a built-in cup holder in the console; what else do you need?

Though it is a popular recreational kayak, you can customize it to turn this kayak into an efficient fishing kayak. You can use the cockpit console to install fishing rods, fishfinder, GPS or whatever you want. 

This kayak weighs less than 50 lbs, which makes it easier for you to carry it around. Moreover, it has carry handles so you can easily drag it to the ocean’s edge. In short, it comes with every feature that makes it one of the most efficient fishing kayaks for raiding the ocean.



Ocean Kayak Malibu Two – Tandem sit-on kayak

F. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two – Tandem sit-on kayak


This tandem kayak comes with an excellent width of 34 inches and 12 feet in length. This width-length proportion gives the ideal amount of stability to a fishing kayak.

Though it is a tandem kayak, the seats are easily removable. Therefore, you can make space for your fishing gear and accessories anytime you want. In my opinion, it would be better if you choose to go solo on this kayak. The lighter weight on the board will allow you to sit higher and provide better protection from water splashes.

Even though it is comparatively shorter than other fishing kayaks, it weighs around seventy pounds. Maybe it is because of its robust construction, but it indeed is a drawback, especially when you are on your own. But it comes with a skid plate on the bottom, and that sound is relieving, being honest.

This kayak is designed to be maneuvered easily by any kayaker. Though it is widely known as a recreational kayak, many fellow anglers of mine have vouched for this kayak as a versatile one. You can take this kayak for light-duty Ocean fishing trips anytime.

Yes, it may not come with dozens of fishing features, but not all of us are looking for serious fishing sessions. So if you want to loosen up a little bit and paddle for recreation besides angling, this kayak is the right vessel for you.

It has an open cockpit design that means you can catch fish with great agility and apply as many techniques as you want. It can take up to 425 lbs, which is an adequate loading capacity for a multipurpose kayak.

One of the things that I don’t like about most kayak companies is that they don’t provide a long time warranty for any of their kayak. But this Ocean Malibu Two kayak has changed my mind as its hull comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The molded-in seats of this kayak are not only comfortable but also slip-resistant. It is a quality you don’t see every day in every single kayak. Moreover, there are two strapped storage areas to secure your loose cargos.

This kayak is self-bailing, so don’t need to fret about removing excess water manually. And though it is made explicitly for ocean kayaking, you can take for river or lake exploration too. It performs well both in salt and flat water and known as one of the best river fishing kayak options out there.

But I would not take it for a spin in the whitewater as it lacks the buoyancy needed for whitewater ventures.



Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-on-top kayak

G. Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-on-top kayak


This versatile kayak is one of the easiest to maneuver and up for swimming, fishing, or just for a refreshing kayak trip. It is a light-weight and fast kayak to ride salt as well as freshwaters.

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy is designed with a Tri-form hull that provides immense stability and ensures an enhanced tracking system. The seats of this kayak can be adjusted in multiple positions to give you maximum comfort. It also has comfortable back support so you can paddle all day long without hurting yourself.

It also has molded-in footwells that you can adjust according to your height. It gives you better control over the kayak, and that’s what you need in the broad open waters.

This kayak is not only nine-foot-long, which makes it compact and light-weight. The shorter design also allows reaching those shorelines, which were quite unreachable with bigger fishing kayaks.

It weighs less than fifty pounds, so you can carry it around as quickly as you want. It also comes with carrying handles on the bow and stern and the sides. These handles allow you to drag or lift the kayak without any trouble.

So no matter how far you live away from the beach, you do not have to throw your back out every time you want to go for kayak fishing.

You get a bungee-corded area to store your loose gears and a cup holder to secure your drink for storage options. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spilling your drinks or losing your gears on the water while kayaking in case of any kickbacks.

It comes with a skid plate to protect the kayak bottom from any damages. It also has scupper holes so you can remove water if it gets inside the kayak. If you want to keep your kayak dry, you can buy and install scupper stoppers to prevent flooding.



Which kayak is the best for an ocean fishing experience?

As I have mentioned all the magnificent ocean kayaks with excellent fishing features, you might get into thinking about which one you should pick. But the thing is, no matter how experienced I am in angling and kayaking, mu suggestion is to help you. The ultimate choice is yours.

Nobody will understand your needs better than yourself. Every angler has specific demands and preferences from their fishing vessels. Besides features, there is an issue with budgets that differs from angler to angler. 

So the best kayak for ocean fishing would be the one that checks all the boxes of your demands and hopes you don’t have to lose your organs to get that!

And now, it’s time for me to enlighten with the knowledge of how to recognize the perfect ocean fishing kayak. This buying guiding will help you know how to differentiate the best fishing kayak from an ordinary one.

A buyer's guide to the best ocean kayak for fishing:

The cockpit design:

When it is about kayak fishing, most of the anglers prefer an open cockpit, sit-on-top design. It gives you the ease of casting and a good fighting chance with the fish. But ocean fishing is different than regular flatwater fishing. So, the game plan should be different in this case.

Large open water means greater exposure to elements. The heat will be hotter, and saltwater splashes are not pleasant at all. Moreover, with a more extensive variety of fishes come larger predators. So, it would help if you had solid stability against any kickbacks during fishing. And for these purposes, sit-on-top kayaks are running a little behind.

Due to the sit-in kayak’s enclosed cockpit design, you get a great pull to the center of gravity. And it will provide you rock-solid stability against any kickback or rough water tides. It will also keep you safe from bad weather conditions and water splashes.

But if you choose a sit-in kayak, you will not have the multiple storage options which often come with a sit-on-top kayak. Moreover, you have to say goodbye to stand-up fishing.

So, which seating arrangement would you like to have in your fishing kayak? Make amendments with that priority at first.

Stability and speed:

As I revealed before, ocean water is deep and comes with more massive and intimidating predators. So your kayak needs to have superior stability for a better chance of survival. While choosing a fishing kayak for the ocean, you should focus on getting shorter and broader kayaks instead of faster ones.

If you want to speed up your kayak, get the one that will allow you to install a trolling motor. And so, you will be able to explore a broad ocean area in a small amount of time without getting tired.


What’s the point of a relaxing kayak trip if your body is cramped the after? If you are getting a sit-on kayak, make sure it comes with tremendous back support. It would be better if the seats are padded with comfortable and breathable material.

In the case of sit-in kayaks, get the one with a spacious cockpit. It will prevent you from getting leg cramps, and it will be easier for you to get in and out of the kayak.

Make sure to get an adjustable footrest so it can be fitted according to your height. A correctly fitted footrest allows you to have better control over the paddling and stability of the kayak.

Length and Width ratio:

For ocean kayaking, a shorter and broader kayak would be the most prominent choice, in my opinion. I want to prioritize stability rather than kayaking when it is about fishing in the ocean.

Moreover, a wider hull provides immense stability when you are about to stand up for fishing. It gives you a spacious deck that helps you to have better fishing experience.


Robust construction and ergonomic hull design is the first priority for any kayak. But we have to get a material and design that can tolerate the rougher tide and saltwater and give its best performance.

Propulsion system:

Every fishing kayak comes with a primary propulsion system that is paddling. But the top-notch kayaks often come with a secondary propulsion system like pedals or trolling motors.

The pedal drive system is installed in the middle of the kayak, and you can use your feet to drive it. It allows you to have greater control over your kayak, and you can use your hands for fishing without any interruption. 

And if the kayak comes with a trolling motor, your hands and feet will feel relaxed as the motor will do the maximum work. Moreover, it helps you cover a large open fishing area so you can catch the maximum amount of fishes in the least amount of time.

Rudder or skeg:

The rudder is also a secondary propulsion system, but I am mentioning it separately. In an ocean kayak, the rudder can play some vital roles.

As the ocean has choppier waves, your kayak’s rudder will help you cut through it gracefully. But the necessity of a rudder is totally optional. And a kayak with a rudder is quite expensive, so that you can go for an affordable version of the rudder, skegs.

To be honest, rudders and skegs can be excellent assistance for better tracking experience. So if you can’t afford a rudder, you can at least get a kayak with skegs.

Storage and loading capacity:

Fishing kayaks are already made with excellent loading capacities. You can get a fishing kayak from 250-1000 lbs. It will be totally your choice.

And multiple storage options like dry storage hatch, bungee-corded area are the best for storing your fishing kayaks and loose cargos like coolers or anything else. Make sure your kayak has enough room for you, your gears and luggage, and the fishes you will catch on your trip.


Some frequently asked questions about ocean fishing kayaks:

An ocean is a large open water area and far deeper than a lake or river. Moreover, you get a large variety of small to big fishes, and it’s filled with predators like sharks. And the saltwater of an ocean need requires extra attention too.

So, your kayak should have the strength design to cut through the rough ocean waves, choppier water and provide rock-solid stability to prevent accidents. Therefore, an ocean kayak must come with ocean-friendly features to give you the best experience.

After your saltwater ventures, wash it with plain water and drain the excess water. You can hang your kayak on your storage space and secure it with straps. Some occasional antifouling will keep your kayak safe from marine growths.

In conclusion:

The hunt for getting the best ocean fishing kayak is undoubtedly tricky. There are so many features to look for to prevent any downsize as nobody can afford any hazardous incident in the ocean. But don’t worry; I have covered every detail that you needed to know about kayak fishing in the ocean. Now you will not have any problem to get one for yourself. So pick the perfect ocean angling kayak and break a leg!