Best Fishing Kayak Under 800 – Experts Review

best fishing kayak under 800
best fishing kayak under 800

Kayaking these days has become an enjoyable and exciting activity, and kayak fishing is one of them. Have the photos of people kayak fishing been flooding your social media feed? Are you afraid of the price of fishing kayaks? You need not worry because here I am today to talk about the best fishing kayak under 800.

Kayaks are generally small, lightweight water vehicles that are used for so many purposes. Fish kayaking is one of the most famous kinds of kayaking.

Here you fish from a kayak in a river or lake. This helps you to get into places right for fishing. This is also really fun to catch fishes while being in a canoe.

Fishing kayak is the first thing you will need to go for kayak fishing. And you would not have to worry about the fishing kayak being expensive. Because today I’m going to talk about the cheap fishing kayaks. This will meet your demands within your budget.

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing kayak.

A. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing kayak-best fishing kayak under 800


This kayak is a fishing kayak with a capacity of carrying 275 lbs weight. This kayak can be really comfortable to use for several features of it.

It is made of UV protected high-density polyethene which makes it durable and long-lasting. With adjustable padded seat backs and multiple footrests, it gives riders of all ages the maximum comfort while riding.

Fishing rod holders and t-handles make the best type of kayak for fishing.  These two basically are the main differences between a regular kayak and a fishing kayak. This kayak has front, and rear t-handles give you a safer ride. One top-mounted and two flush mounted fishing rod holder make riding this kayak really easy.

It has two front and rear shock cord straps which make the kayak safer. Two storage compartments of  6” give enough space for your goods. One paddle keeper and one adult black paddle make sure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Sharp bow and flat bottom hull give a fast but stable ride. Front and rear t-handles make transportation easy. Durable high-density polythene construction and chine rails help to keep your kayak steady and stable.



Binglinghua Inflatable Rubber Boat PVC Boat Inflatables Kayak Fishing Boat with Slats Bottom

B. Binglinghua Inflatable Rubber Boat PVC Boat Inflatables Kayak Fishing Boat with Slats Bottom


If you are looking for a kayak that saves up your space, this kayak is the best choice. This inflatable kayak would not take much of your space while its deflated. You can just pump it up whenever you need it. You can also carry it with you wherever you want.

It can bear 600 lb- 800 lb weight. It is made with 0.9 mm thick PVC. The use of environment friendly construction materials make it environmentally safe. It can easily accommodate 3-4 persons at the same time, even with the body of 2.3m× 1.2 m. High-quality construction materials give durability to your kayak.

It is one of the most recent boats which was first available on June 7, 2017. It has one pair of paddles according to the size of your kayak. It comes with a pump for you to inflate the kayak. This kayak is TUV, GC, and CE certified. This wear-resistant boat with the inflating facility can be a good choice for students. Also, the low price of the kayak makes it one of the best fishing kayak under 800.



ADVANCED ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

C. ADVANCED ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak


This kayak gives you an evolutionary experience of both folding frame and an inflatable kayak. This is a highly advanced kayak to give you the best experience of fish kayaking. Its triple-layer PVC body gives this durability. The rigid panel, metal frame makes the entire kayak an amazing experience.

It has a unique feature of having two air chambers for inflating. This keeps the kayak nicely balanced and ensures optimum safety while the kayak is out of water. Multiple air chambers make sure that the kayak stays safe in case one of the chambers get damaged. The tube cover keeps the air chamber safe and covered.

With the bow and stern made of aluminum ribs and its sharp front portion, this kayak will let you feel the speed and agility. The adjustable seats will help you paddle comfortably during your whole journey.

Its maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, which is enough for one person. The skeg compartment of the kayak helps the tracking and keeps the kayak stable.



Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person fishing kayak

D. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-person fishing kayak


Do you want to go for fish kayaking with your best buddy and do not want anyone else around? Then this kayak has got you covered. It has space for only two people and is one of the best kayak for river fishing. It is made of an 18 gauge PVC. The kayak bottom made of thick tarpaulin and strong nylon cover gives durability to your kayak.

840d nylon cover saves it from puncturing. And this makes it easy to run in a lake, river or anywhere. The best advantage of this kayak is you can have different tastes of speed. You can run it with both paddles and motor. You can easily set up a motor in the paddles kayak.

The fish rod holders help you to fish properly. You can rest your paddles in the paddle holder compartment to save up space. It is guaranteed to be airtight, so you won’t have to worry about leakage.

Boston valve is attached by double threading to ensure perfect inflation. It has mesh storage pockets. It will keep your necessary things close to your hand yet out of your way. You can keep your other types of equipment in the D-ring attached to the kayak.



The joy-ride-sit-inside-kayak

E. The joy-ride-sit-inside-kayak


If you love adventure and want to treasure memories from your adventure trips, nothing can be better for you than this kayak.

It has a unique ‘selfie slot,’ which is a way to place your phone correctly in front of the kayak. This will help you to shoot photos or videos of your fish kayaking ride.

It is the most recreational kayak you can find at a cheap rate. It has comfortable seats along with stability and durability. It uses UV protected, impact and abrasion-resistant construction. The kayaks are made using waterproof colors so that you can ride in style.

It has an easy reach storage compartment right in the front, which makes storing things easier. The drink bottle holder keeps your favorite drink close to your hand.

It has a large open cockpit with adjustable padded seats. So you won’t have to face any kind of discomfort while riding the kayak.

It comes with life jackets and a waterproof skirt to keep you dry and warm. As it is a widely open kayak, it makes entering and getting off the kayak easier. It is only 54 pounds. The weight capacity of this kayak is 350lbs.



The Perception Pescador Sit-on-Top 12.0 Kayak

F. The Perception Pescador Sit-on-Top 12.0 Kayak


Now we’re going to talk about a kayak that can be a perfect fit for both professional and recreational riders. These facilities make it the best fishing kayak for beginners.

Because, this kayak here has the technical facilities like paddle compartments to rest your paddles, easy storage systems, access to cooler.

And besides, it also has lots of recreational facilities like wide opening, adjustable seats with padded seat covers, device holders etc.

This one kayak can ensure you so many facilities at the same time. It has multiple storage compartments to store everything starting from your snacks to your fishing pieces of equipment.

Adjustable footrests give a comfortable grip to the kayak for every passenger. The storage compartment is in front of the kayak, so it is easily accessible. The spill-proof drink bottle holder keeps your drink away from spilling.

It has resourceful uses with a great design. It is a kayak with the capacity to accommodate one person. The length of the kayak is 12 foot which is enough space for a person. That’s why it gives enough storage place. It also gives an easy facility of getting on and off from the kayak.

Its slim body makes it a fast and stable ride for fishing. Its leakproof construction with changeable skid plates ensures a safer ride. With its sit on the top of the kayak, instead of inside, it gives a nice opportunity to stand up in the kayak. This facility makes it is the best stand up fishing kayak.



Qualities to look for before buying a fishing kayak

We talked about some best fishing kayaks under 800. You can totally rely on these kayaks for the benefits and qualities they have. For choosing the best kayak, we need to look for some qualities which make that a good quality kayak. So let’s have a look at some qualities we need to look for in a fishing kayak:


The narrower the kayak, the faster it would be. So choosing a kayak with less width would be beneficial. A kayak with a slim body and sharp edges slices through the water and gives you a smooth test of speed and agility. Moreover, it helps the kayak to swim through waves and the flow of water.

The shape of the kayak bottom

Try choosing kayaks with comparatively flat bottoms. Flat, strong bottoms give stability, which helps you to be good at fishing. Short kayaks with flatter bottoms are best if you’re kayaking in a river. Oceans have comparatively stronger water flow and bigger waves. To flow through the waves, you will need a kayak with a narrow bottom. Narrow, sharp edges and a sharp bow make a kayak the best ocean fishing kayak.

Fishing rod holders and paddle compartments

Kayaks with a fishing rod and paddle holders are the best. They are places where you can rest your fishing rod and paddles and keep them out of your way. This will keep your kayak organized. Do not go for a kayak without fishing rod and paddle holders if you are new at kayak fishing.

Storage compartment

When it comes to the storage space of your kayak, go ‘the more, the merrier.’ Kayak is a really narrow water vehicle accommodating a few people only. When you go for fish kayaking, you have to take a lot of stuff, including your snacks and fishing equipments. To store all these and the fishes, you will need a kayak with multiple storage spaces.


For the best tracking experience, go for kayaks with keels. Keels are a portion like a fin, which gives you a better tracking for your kayak. This will keep your kayak going no matter where you are going and how is the water flow. Keels help you to swim through the water with your kayak without facing unnecessary shakings.

High-quality materials

Go for kayaks with better construction if you want your kayak to be durable. In that case, multi-layered, UV protected PVC is the best. They make your kayak last long.

When you buy a kayak, you will expect it to be okay and work fine for some years. So, pick a kayak made of high-quality products if you want it to go a long way. Go for airtight leak-proof kayaks with the best quality for maximum safety.


Fishing kayaks come with both with and without accessories. A kayak may contain accessories like life jackets, paddles, waterproof skirt etc. Choosing a kayak with accessories will save you from the difficulties of buying the perfect accessories for your kayak.

Air chambers

Kayaks can be both inflatable and non-inflatable, choose one according to your needs and necessities. If you think you will have problems keeping your kayak while you’re not using it, go for the inflatable ones. This is really easy to use and does not take up much space at all. Just inflate it with the pump and again store it when you’re not using it. But if you do not have problems, you can buy the full-size kayaks of your choice.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fishing kayaks with comparatively strong and flat bottoms give more stability.

As it’s all about fishing, you will want the platform to be stable.

Fishing kayaks come in different lengths and widths. A kayak with less width would give more speed, so they are better. It also depends on the place you’re going to kayak.

Fishing kayaks can be operated with both motors and paddles. They would be suitable for you and also will save your money. If you think you can handle paddling, go for it. If you want better speed, try one with a motor. Some kayaks come with both facilities. You can try them too, and it will be better for you.

No, they are not.

First of all, you must know swimming before getting into any water vehicle. If you already do, you won’t have to worry about drowning. Some kayaks come with life jackets, which will ensure your safety.

Even though fishing kayaks are narrower than regular boats, they only have space for a few people. So it is safe.

That is another thing people worry about as fishing kayaks are generally small.

But it is nothing to worry about. Most of the kayaks come with adjustable seats, back seats and footrests. You can just adjust them and have a comfortable grip on your kayak.

Some kayaks have fishing rod holders, and some don’t. But that generally does not make any huge change.

The fishing rod holder is just a place to rest your fishing rod. If you have one of them in your kayak, it will just clear up some space in your kayak.

But it won’t be a problem if your kayak doesn’t have one if you have experience of fishing.

Kayak fishing is an exciting pastime activity.

Fishing from fun is adventurous, but it can also help you get into places for fishing; you would not be able to reach from the ground.

For kayak fishing, you will just need a kayak. Kayaks are normally a lot cheaper than boats. You would not have to spend money on servicing and fuel. As it needs less money, students will be able to buy it easily.

You can take a kayak to anywhere you want. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Fishing kayaks are a great way to stay entertained, spending a little money.


Fish kayaking is one of the most practiced pastime activities nowadays. It helps you to relax and enjoy nature or fishing. If you are an adventurous person, it can be a great way for your recreation. You can meet your needs for enjoyment without worrying about your money. Today we talked about some best fishing kayak under 800. A fishing kayak would not cost you much. But it will let you enjoy it to the fullest. You just need to have enough enthusiasm and interest. Just buy one according to your need, and it is going to be totally worth it.